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Partner Solutions Showcase

We aren’t the only company that can create great software! Some of the best solutions combine the strengths of multiple software programs to create a larger solution. Integration is the key when combining multiple software programs. We have highlighted some of our favorite integrations.

Maxwell Logo

Color Management

Chromix has established themselves as an industry expert on color analysis. We started working with them over 10 years ago to manage the color demands of a client that had the highest standards we have experienced. By utilizing the process control capabilities of our IPS workflow solution and the advanced color science in Chromix’s Maxwell product, we integrated our technologies and built a world class solution. If you have color challenges, we recommend them as a vendor.

Trusted Partners
Pageflex Logo

Storefront by Pageflex is a product that we have integrated with. This product has many capabilities including the ability to provide a Web to Print solution. At our integration point, the order content is generated and all the relevant order information is transferred to IPS. IPS now takes over the responsibility for preparing this order for the press technology and finishing equipment.

HP Business Partner Logo

We have two unique integrations with HP Indigo DFE’s. The first is an advanced integration with the HP Smartstream Ultra, the second is a JDF integration with HP Smartstream Production Pro. We use our excellent contacts at HP to help ensure our integrations are best in class.

Kodak Logo

We have a JDF integration with Kodak Nexfinity DFE’s. It allows for automation of job submission and collection of press job status.

Enfocus Switch Logo

We have full integration with enfocus Switch EPM workflow. It allows for automation of evaluation of files for 3 color or black only printing. Only choosing those jobs that will not suffer a loss of quality.

Xeikon Logo

We have worked with Xeikon for years and have full integration with their web presses and RIP system.

Ricoh Logo

We are partners with Ricoh and have developed integration with their Fiery RIP system.

We are partners with Canon and have developed integration with their PrismaPro RIP system.

Scodix Logo

We have developed full integration with Scodix finishing equipment.

Horizon Logo

We have developed advanced integration with Horizion Smartstacker finishing equipment.

Palamides Logo

We have developed advanced integration with Palamides finishing equipment.

ImagingSolutions Logo

We have developed advanced integration with ImagingSolutions silver halide printers. We support their proprietary Netgate format with full templating.


With our hot folder integration we can send templated and stamped files directly to an ONYX hot folders allowing for complete automation of large format jobs.

CIP4 Logo

CIP4 sets the standard for JDF and we are a member of their organization so that we stay up-to-date on the latest standards.