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IPS Data Dashboard

All the data you need at your fingertips!

Visualize Your Job Data

All the data you need at your fingertips! With IPS Data Dashboard you can track your overall production down to individual presses. Volume, reprints, substrate usage and types, date ranges, company locations, and more! Virtually all production information can be shown as a graph or downloadable table. We can customize any chart based on your data needs. Managing your production has never been easier!

View By Location

View production data at each of your locations! Analyze sites for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Production by location

View your individual job status

See the status of your jobs as they flow through production. Look up individual jobs to see where they are in production.

Production sequence tracking

View Reprint Data

Reprints cost money! Easily view and manage your reprint volume. View by date, facility, customer, or batch. Download table as CSV data file.

Reprint sheet report

View Production Statistics

See your production volume over time. Sort by date, division, or whatever metric you like. Use historical data to plan for the next year's peak production periods.

Production volume for the last quarter

View Press Productivity

View press productivity. See at a glance which presses are performing well and which are not.

Press productivity

View Product Type Volume

See your production volume of all your products by type. See which products have the most volume.

Sheets by product type

View Sheet Type Usage

See at a glance which types of media you are using and how much. Great for inventory management!

Substrate Usage

View Customer Volumes

See which customers are your big producers.

Customer Volume