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Infinity Color Management Solution

Infinity Color Management Solution

Infinity Color Management Solution is the result of a technology partnership with Chromix. With Chromix’s color analysis technology and our digital print workflow processes, we will help you maintain your color goals.

ICMS takes the guesswork out of your digital color management. Know exactly how your color quality is at anytime via a web browser or email alerts. No more printing match prints and visually adjusting color at the press. With the ICMS you can monitor and measure you color workflow via the science of spectrophotometry. With ICMS you can set up color targets to be automatically sent to the press device at regular intervals based on sheet count and customer. Targets are stored locally on the server and sent through the rip at high priority. The targets are printed with the exact color workflow as the customers’ and test the quality of the rip and the press during the printing process. This insures that you always print the same exact color; during a run, over time and across multiple print facilities. No more hoping a reprint will match, know that it will. Simply test first with one sheet of paper and know whether or not, if your job will reproduce accurately.

Once printed, the targets are read through a spectrophotometer into Chromix Maxwell software for unbelievably detailed and customized color analysis. Measure RGB, CMYK or spot values. Pass or fail feedback is given immediately and can include a printable diagnostic for troubleshooting. The measurements are time stamped and barcoded with the press and track details via ICMS. The spectrophotometer reads the barcode and automatically uploads to the correct track on the Maxwell website. Management can easily track the color with any web browser! Email notifications can be sent out alerting management to fails.

Do you have a customer who wants special color treatment for their products? We can help you build some custom color profiles to achieve your goals.

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Advantages of ICMS

Advantages of ICMS

  • Custom color setups allow you to target an industry standard like GRACoL, SWOP or FOGRA or any custom profile setup.

  • Track specific spot colors for brand integrity.

  • Measures color not density. Colorimetric values are read and compared to Lab values for true color measurement.

  • Track across any device, including large format and digital web.

  • Targets can be any size from small for quick checks, to large such as a TC1617 to track GRACoL colorspace.

  • Targets allow tracking across the whole sheet. Heatmap diagnostics can identify any unevenness across the sheet.

  • Barcoded with press and print time (currently indigo only) to ensure easy and accurate reads.

  • Maxwell integrates with Curve 4 for certified GRACoL verification.

  • Both ICMS and Chromix Maxwell were designed to work together for seamless implementation.

  • Press operators do not need to understand color science to use this system and print perfect color every time.

  • This feature is included with your IPS licenses!*

*(Requires a Maxwell Chromix License).