Infinity Digital - Intelligent Print Automation

IPS Features

Features, Advantages, and Benefits of IPS


Here is a list of just some of the features of IPS:

  • Custom Sort Rules for displaying, organizing and releasing batches of work

  • Copy count optimization (multiple prints from one copy) for reducing printed waste

  • SDK for custom integrations

  • Fit policy support / Fit policy ranges

  • Additional content – Advanced, powerful and end user customizable banner sheets and batch tickets

  • VDP layouts

  • Batchlettes (single large order broken into production sized batches)

  • Advanced thumbnail support – specify any page of any line of the order as thumbnails on related content

  • Print order sort – final resort of products already in a batch to impact print order

  • Calculate fields for batches and sort groups

  • UI Data Export – get production data from our UI in CSV format

  • Decorators (including Javascript versions) allows for customizable sorting within jobs.

  • Presort – brings valuable context for decorating

  • Content sized batch tickets (imposed with the product)

  • Layout tools for product construction/manipulation

  • Advanced scripting for layouts (print when, stamp expressions)

  • Advanced layout features (mirroring, z-order)

  • Customizable user access control

  • Order Slices – pre-filter the UI with what you want to see

  • Configurable proofing workflow

  • Production Intents—send jobs to multiple presses

  • Release presets

  • Auto-release (w/filter profiles)

  • Press Rooms

  • Post-press workflow for integration with down-stream devices (envelope inserters, etc…)

  • Single and multi-pass impositions

  • Prebatch and batch level compound impositions

  • Split Sort Group

  • “No Print” product support for testing.

  • Dynamic job options (change job tickets based on batch attributes)

  • SDK workflow events (notify 3rd party systems of IPS events)

  • Imposition input modifiers (dynamically change the imposition)

  • OS Print (DFE functionality for Windows and other print devices)

  • Reprint tracking – users and reason codes

  • Dynamic waste calculations (identify blank signatures as percentage of job)

  • PDF hotfolder integrations for all devices without advanced DFE integrations

  • JPG hotfolder integrations

  • History (audit log of the steps an items went through in the workflow)

  • Reprint

  • Reprint as different production intent

  • Developer Tools

  • Facility IDs – multi-site support in configs

  • Designer mode

  • Config browser

  • Imposition previewer

  • Batch and prebatch additional IDs (reduce template creation)

  • Reprocess steps

  • Simulator devices

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